Do Roofers Need a License in Massachusetts?

Do Roofers Need a License in Massachusetts?

If you are considering becoming a roofing contractor in Boston, MA, you may be wondering if you need a license to operate. To avoid any hassles, it’s best to comply with all licensing requirements. First, you need to know what these requirements are. Let’s explore what licensing measures you need to take to become a top roofing contractor near Boston, MA.

Types of Licenses 

Roofers in Boston, MA, need to be licensed by a governing body to install roofing on new buildings or restore existing roofing. This body is the State Board of Building Regulations and Standards. To qualify for a license, you’ll need to be properly and fully insured. It’s also possible you’ll need to provide proof of your experience and complete a licensure exam successfully.

Working on New Buildings

You will need to get a Construction Supervisor License to be able to install roofs on new homes and commercial buildings. To obtain this license, you’ll need to pass the Construction Supervisor License exam. Other than needing to pass this exam, you will also need to prove you have at least three years of work experience as an apprentice roofing contractor in Boston, MA. It costs $100 to take the exam, $150 for the license, and $100 for renewals. The Construction Supervisor License must be renewed every three years.

Restricted and Unrestricted Licenses

In addition, to start a roofing company in Boston, MA, you must apply for one of two other license types. You can go for a Restricted License, which allows you to work on one and two-family structures, or an Unrestricted License, which will enable you to work on dwellings up to 35,000 cubic feet high.

Maintenance of Older Buildings

If you plan to do maintenance and repair work on existing buildings, you will also need to apply for state registration. This is called Home Improvements Registration. There isn’t an exam that roofers in Boston, MA, need to take to get this license.

Special License Requirements

In addition to the above licensing requirements, prospective roofers in Boston, MA must have a license to work with asbestos. This area is monitored by the Department of Labor and Workforce Development. It is important to get this license even if you do not plan to work with asbestos. Older buildings often have some asbestos in their roofing that you may not know about until you start working on a structure. You and your team consequently need to know how to handle this hazardous material even when you aren’t expecting to come across it. Depending on your prospective niche, you will also need to research what other special licensing requirements your roofing company in Boston, MA, need to fulfill.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, having your insurance and licensing in place is essential to operate as a roofing contractor near me in Massachusetts. Any top roofing contractor near Boston, MA, will have all their paperwork in line and up to date