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How Snow And Ice Impact Your Roof in Boston MA

How snow and ice impact your roof in Boston MA

How Snow And Ice Impact Your Roof in Boston MA

For many of us, snow conjures up a whimsical mood and evokes nostalgic feelings. But we can tell you that your roof doesn’t share these feelings. It’s tempting to just leave the snow there, but that’s the last thing you want to do. Not only can the consequences deal some serious damage to your bank account, but you’re also risking your safety.

The reasons snow has got to get off your roof are endless, but we’re going to go through the most pertinent ones, paying special attention to those living in Boston.

1. The Weight Can Cause Damage

This is also known as stress. Just as a person can only carry a heavy item for so long, your roof cannot hold out under the weight of snow forever. If you don’t do something about it, your roof could become compromised. There have even been cases where it caved in.

We strongly discourage you from trying to do this on your own. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could hurt yourself or your roof, and neither of those outcomes is good. If you live in Boston, you’ll be dealing with this constantly. Get a roofing contractor in Boston, MA, to help.

2. It Can Create Mold

Mold develops when water is allowed to collect on a surface and remain there without intervention. From here, the materials of your roof will weaken, making it unsafe the next time a storm comes around.

When it gets to this point, only roofers in Boston, MA, can fix this. As you live in a city that gets almost twice the national average snowfall, you need to have a “roofing contractor near me” on speed dial!

3. Ice Dams

If this sounds ominous to you, you’re spot on. When snow is allowed to remain on the roof, it will melt into water, run down the roof, and gather at the edges. When it freezes, you have an ice dam. This will eventually create a leak in your roof, leading to rotting.

One phone call to a trustworthy roofing company in Boston, MA, can prevent all of this.

4. Ice Cracks 

When something is freezing, it becomes more brittle and more prone to breaking apart. Think about how being outside in the colder months will quickly cause your lips to become chapped.

The shingles on your roof are prone to the same type of vulnerability. A simple inspection can prevent all of these problems. If you’re not in Boston, have no fear. A top roofing contractor near Boston, MA, will be happy to take care of you.

The Takeaway 

As much as we all love a snow day, there is work to do afterward because it can hugely impact your roof. While a roof is built to shoulder a lot of weight, it wasn’t meant to hold a large amount of snow for a long period of time.

If the snow doesn’t melt on its own, it’s time to get it removed.

The Dangers of a Leaky Roof in Boston MA

Danger or leaky roof

The Dangers of a Leaky Roof in Boston MA

Leaks from your roof may become a long-term problem for a household, leaving you searching for a “roofing contractor near me”.

It’s extremely important to nip that problem in the bud before it becomes an extreme safety hazard, or a significant financial burden. If you’re unsure of whether it’s time to hire a roofing contractor in Boston, MA, consider these top dangers of a leaky roof.

1. Ceiling Damage

The most obvious and immediate danger of a leaky roof is the damage that can be done to your ceiling. Not only could it leave unsightly watermarks, but it could weaken the strength of the ceiling. If your ceiling is significantly weakened, it could lead to an ultimate collapse.

A leak could even damage your insulation, which may reduce the ability of your house to cool and heat properly. A strongroofing company in Boston MA can help you fix these issues both in their early and late stages.

2. More Energy Consumption

If your insulation is damaged, this can make your home difficult to heat and cool. If this becomes the case, you could be increasing the amount you have to spend on those systems.

Not only can this become extremely expensive, but it can put a lot of strain on your heating and cooling systems. This could lead to the need for excess repairs from your roofers in Boston, MA.

3. Growth of Mildew and/or Mold

Excess water in your home’s infrastructure can lead to the growth of mold or mildew. Not only can this cause damage to your home, but it can cause damage to your respiratory system as well.

Overgrowth of mold and mildew is particularly dangerous for those who have allergies, respiratory issues, asthma, and people with compromised immune systems.

4. Fire Hazards

If your roof is leaking, there is the potential for it to hitexposed wires or other electronics in your home. This presents a fire hazard as water and electronics are an awful combination.

5. Sagging Drywall

Drywall can be pretty fragile and prone to damage. If you have a drywall home, water seeping into your drywall can cause it to sag. This could result in severe damage to your walls as well as your ceiling.

6. Decay in Hard-to-Reach Places

Water can seep into unexpected places in your home. You may not notice a problem until it’s too late. This can cause rot and decay that can compromise the integrity of your house. Once you start having a foundational issue, it can be incredibly difficult to resolve and may take a lot of time and money.

What Happens When You Call a Roofing Contractor in Boston, MA?

If you have a leak, a roofer will perform aninspection to find the cause of the problem. While you may not be able to identify the cause alone, proper inspections will reveal the underlying issues.

Call in your Roofers in Boston, MA Today

To prevent long-term damage and financial disaster when it comes to your home, it’s important to get your leaky roof fixed as soon as possible. A top roofing contractor near Boston, MA should be able to give you a quote for your roof today. Don’t wait until it’s too late

How To Know When It’s Time To Replace Your Roof In Boston MA

How To Know When It’s Time To Replace Your Roof in Boston MA

There are times when roof replacement is the best option for your house. These are the times when it is severely damaged, and even repairs and patches cannot fix it. It could get to this stage for many reasons, including age or lack of proper maintenance.

Knowing when your roof is due for replacement is essential, so you do not risk a severe accident. You also need to know a top roofing contractor near Boston, MA, or anywhere near you to help you do an excellent replacement.

Signs That Your Roof Needs Replacement

Delamination of Tiles

When tiles become too porous, it can be hazardous because it means they are slowly deteriorating. One way to check whether your roof needs replacement is to have a roofing company in Boston, MA, inspect the tiles for any flaking or delamination.

The Age of The Roof

A structure that has given you cover for more than 20 years needs replacement. Whether you can see the damage or not, an aged roof is usually an impending danger. Elements like rain and snow have weakened the structure over time.

Curled Shingles

Search out a good “roofing contractor near me” to identify curled shingles. You can also check at the edges of your tiles or shingles to see if any of them appear curled. That, together with discoloration, are obvious signs of deterioration.

Too Many Missing Shingles

You can hire a top roofing contractor near Boston, MA, to help you fix or replace missing shingles, but when the missing shingles are too many to count, get a new one. The repair will only be a temporary solution that might not last long.

Shingle Debris in the Gutters

If you notice a lot of build-up in the gutters, it is time for a new roof. Shingle debris can cause clogged gutters and affect the drainage system, leading to other problems like water damage.

A Sagging Roof

When a ceiling starts hanging low, the structure is probably damaged. Replace the roof with the help of a good roofing contractor in Boston, MA, and remove the risk of it falling over you at night.

Damaged Chimney Flashing

Flashing is essential in protecting the roof and chimney edges from water damage. If you notice a significant section has come off, call a roofing company in Boston, MA, to book an inspection and replacement.

A Badly Installed Roof

Sometimes the roofers in Boston, MA, that you previously hired to install a new model didn’t do the best job. That means that it will have a very short lifespan. If you realize that it is not up to professional standards, have it replaced as soon as possible.


Other reasons a roof needs replacement include visible holes and a destroyed structure. All the above signs require you to act urgently and have a roofing contractor in Boston, MA, replace your housetop before it caves in. The faster you replace a roof with extensive damage, the safer it will be for you and the people who live in your house

What Type Of Roofing Is Cheapest In Boston MA

What Type Of Roofing Is Cheapest In Boston MA

Want to hire a roofing contractor in Boston, MA, but not sure what materials to ask for? We know you want the best price from your roofing company in Boston, MA, which means not asking for the highest-priced shingles.

Asphalt shingles are one of the most popular materials for roofers in Boston, MA, and they’re relatively affordable compared to other options.

Here, we’ll cover this kind of roofing and a look at the three different types, so you know what to ask for when you locate your “roofing contractor near me”!

Why Asphalt Roofing?

The cost of replacing a roof is high, but asphalt is one of the market’s most affordable types of roofing. It is also one of the most durable, lasting an average of 20 or more years with proper maintenance.

The shingles are also easy to install, which keeps labor costs down.

In addition, these roofs are fire resistant and can help to keep your home cooler in the summer months. Asphalt is the way to go if you want a roof that will give you the most bang for your buck.

The Three Types of Asphalt Shingles


3-tab shingles typically have a shorter lifespan than dimensional or luxury shingles, but they’re also much cheaper. Also, most 3-tab asphalt shingles come with a 20 – 30 year warranty, which can offer peace of mind in case of any problems.

3-tab asphalt shingles are a good option for those looking for an Cheaper roofing solution. As CAN Roof Construction we don’t recommend or install this shingle in Greater Boston MA.


Dimensional asphalt shingles are becoming increasingly popular as a roofing material due to their many benefits.

They are more durable than traditional 3-tab and luxury asphalt shingles and have a longer lifespan – up to 30 years. They’re also more resistant to high winds, making them ideal for areas that experience severe weather conditions.

This kind is less expensive compared to other materials on the market while also coming with a longer warranty, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected.

Whether you’re looking for a new roof for your home or business, dimensional asphalt shingles are an excellent option from the top roofing contractor near Boston, MA.


Luxury asphalt shingles are premium roofing materials that offer several advantages over traditional 3-tab and dimensional shingles.

For starters, luxury asphalt shingles are generally more expensive than their counterparts you’ll get from a roofing company in Boston, MA.

However, they also tend to come with more extended warranties, making them a more cost-effective option in the long run. They boast a significantly longer lifespan than standard shingles, making them an ideal choice for homeowners looking for a low-maintenance roofing option.

Finally, they’re available in a wide variety of colors and styles, so you can easily find an option that will complement the look of your home.

Contact a Roofing Contractor Near Me for Affordable Materials

Asphalt is your best bet if you’re in the market for a new roof and looking for the cheapest option. Consider which of these types is best for your home, and give the top roofing contractor near Boston, MA a call for installation

What Are the 4 Main Types of Residential Roofing in MA?

Roofing Contractor in Boston MA

What Are the 4 Main Types of Residential Roofing in Boston MA?

If you’re endlessly searching the web for a “roofing contractor near me” to get expert advice, we have answers for you. Read on to learn more about the four different types of roofing that you can use and how a roofing contractor in Boston, MA can help.

The Types of Roofing 

There are four main types of roofing that you can order for your home. Before deciding which roofing you get, you should contact a roofing contractor near Boston MA for an inspection. Throughout the inspection, they may reveal what material will best suit your system as it stands now. The four most commonly used roof types are:

Asphalt Shingles

All of these vary in durability, affordability, and lifespan. Learn more about each so you can make the right choice for your house.


Asphalt shingles are an incredibly popular material. They are made from many smaller shingles that have a small layer of asphalt embedded into the shingle by a sticky adhesive and felt. Some newer asphalt shingles have a thin sheet of fiberglass instead  of felt for added fire resistance. Asphalt shingles are tough against water damage and are low maintenance. Asphalt shingles are also highly cost-effective and can be easily purchased. Most roofers in Boston, MA, will recommend this type of shingle.


Clay shingles or tiles are one of the oldest and most used materials used by roofers and have been used for centuries. Clay tiles are highly durable, especially against wind and water. However, they are quite a bit more expensive than other roofing materials.


Metal is one of the most durable roof materials out there. It is highly tough against the elements and will even save you money in the summer. Because of the metal panels’ reflective nature, they will reflect the sun a bit, causing your house not to get as hot inside. This means you will not have to run your AC as much. They are also more easily repaired than other roof materials. If you need to have a repair done on your metal roof, you should call a roofing company in Boston, MA to get it fixed. Your roofing contractor near Boston, MA should install a waterproof sealant to patch the hole. Depending on the damage, they may have to replace the entire panel or a significant portion of it.


Slate is also another old type of roof material. It is made from shale, which is a hard volcanic rock. This also makes it a more natural and environmentally friendly material. Shale, like metal panels, is claimed to be highly durable. Sometimes, if it is taken care of well, it can last decades without having to be replaced. This is because volcanic rock is incredibly hard and durable.

Choose the Material That’s Right for You

You don’t need to settle for the material that was chosen for your house before you got there. Speak with a top roofing contractor near Boston, MA, and see how they can help you find the perfect new materials for your home

Hail Damage – Roof Repair in Greater Boston MA

Roofing Contractor in Greater Boston MA

Hail Damage – Roof Repair in Greater Boston MA

Every year, millions of homes are affected by hailstorms, and most of them require extensive repairs afterward to prevent bigger problems down the line. If your house has been through hail, you’ll need to follow these steps immediately; the sooner, the better. Finding roofers in Boston, MA, to help out can save you thousands by avoiding long-term damage to your home and getting you fixed up with preventative repairs.

Step One: Look For Damage

Once the hail is no longer a threat, look around the outside of your home for issues. Cracked and shattered windows are the most obvious and the most urgent. Other things to look out for include dents in the walls, cracked or missing shingles, dented gutters, pieces of debris, and new leaks in the roof. All these can leave the property susceptible to water damage in the future and should be taken care of by roofers in Boston, MA, as soon as possible.

Step Two: Take Pictures

Take pictures of every problem you find caused by hail, no matter how small it is. Thorough documentation is essential for filing any insurance claims, working with your roofing contractor in Boston, MA, and ensuring that nothing is overlooked. Having proof of the issues makes it more likely that they will be rectified. Make sure the pictures are of good quality. Blurry, unfocused shots and misleading camera angles are almost useless and may cost you more money down the line if hidden problems aren’t fixed promptly. Also, keep track of where pictures were taken. This will streamline the process and will help avoid confusion.

Step Three: Prevent Further Damage

After all the issues are documented, take steps to prevent further damage to your home. Tie tarps over any broken windows and cracked walls to keep water out since repairs necessitated by water damage will cost even more money. Take more pictures to present to your insurer and roofing company in Boston, MA, after you finish working. You should also save the receipts for anything you buy to be considered by your insurance company later if you end up filing a claim.

Step Four: Call a Roofing Contractor in Boston, MA

Knowing where the best roofing contractor near me will be is essential in this process. Many companies will offer free inspections and advice moving forward after dealing with a hailstorm, which you can use to your advantage for an easier recovery period. After the inspection, your roofing contractor in Boston, MA, will work with you and your insurance company, if applicable, to take care of any necessary repairs.

One Last Note

While doing most of it yourself is an option, all of these steps can and should be completed by a roofing company in Boston, MA. Roofers will have special equipment and safety training, so you don’t have to worry about hospital bills on top of repairs.

Check out the top roofing contractor near Boston, MA, to arrange an inspection of your home for hail damage and make the necessary repairs at a budget that works for you.


Do Roofers Need a License in Massachusetts?

Do Roofers Need a License in Massachusetts?

If you are considering becoming a roofing contractor in Boston, MA, you may be wondering if you need a license to operate. To avoid any hassles, it’s best to comply with all licensing requirements. First, you need to know what these requirements are. Let’s explore what licensing measures you need to take to become a top roofing contractor near Boston, MA.

Types of Licenses 

Roofers in Boston, MA, need to be licensed by a governing body to install roofing on new buildings or restore existing roofing. This body is the State Board of Building Regulations and Standards. To qualify for a license, you’ll need to be properly and fully insured. It’s also possible you’ll need to provide proof of your experience and complete a licensure exam successfully.

Working on New Buildings

You will need to get a Construction Supervisor License to be able to install roofs on new homes and commercial buildings. To obtain this license, you’ll need to pass the Construction Supervisor License exam. Other than needing to pass this exam, you will also need to prove you have at least three years of work experience as an apprentice roofing contractor in Boston, MA. It costs $100 to take the exam, $150 for the license, and $100 for renewals. The Construction Supervisor License must be renewed every three years.

Restricted and Unrestricted Licenses

In addition, to start a roofing company in Boston, MA, you must apply for one of two other license types. You can go for a Restricted License, which allows you to work on one and two-family structures, or an Unrestricted License, which will enable you to work on dwellings up to 35,000 cubic feet high.

Maintenance of Older Buildings

If you plan to do maintenance and repair work on existing buildings, you will also need to apply for state registration. This is called Home Improvements Registration. There isn’t an exam that roofers in Boston, MA, need to take to get this license.

Special License Requirements

In addition to the above licensing requirements, prospective roofers in Boston, MA must have a license to work with asbestos. This area is monitored by the Department of Labor and Workforce Development. It is important to get this license even if you do not plan to work with asbestos. Older buildings often have some asbestos in their roofing that you may not know about until you start working on a structure. You and your team consequently need to know how to handle this hazardous material even when you aren’t expecting to come across it. Depending on your prospective niche, you will also need to research what other special licensing requirements your roofing company in Boston, MA, need to fulfill.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, having your insurance and licensing in place is essential to operate as a roofing contractor near me in Massachusetts. Any top roofing contractor near Boston, MA, will have all their paperwork in line and up to date



Why Are Roofs Expensive in Greater Boston Massachusetts?

Roofers in Boston MA

Roofing Contractor in Boston MA

Why Are Roofs Expensive in Greater Boston Massachusetts?

Whether setting up a complete installation or a simple roof repair, roofing adds to expensive repairs. It begs the question: why are roofs always so expensive? If you choose the top roofing contractor near Boston, MA, you can save a pretty penny. This short guide will explain why roofing is so expensive and how roofers in Boston, MA, can help.

Reasons Why Roofing Is Expensive

Several factors go into the cost of replacing or renewing a roof. In addition, a wide range of roofing options is available in the marketplace.

To know the roofing cost, you must understand a few different aspects of the construction process. These factors can add up if you don’t do the proper research – you can always search out a reputable “roofing contractor near me” and ask them!

Producing & Distributing Materials

Over the past few years, material costs have risen exponentially. In addition, inflation is beginning to add to those expenses. Shingles and tiles are starting to double their original price among these items.

If you hire a trustworthy, well-reviewed roofing contractor in Boston, MA, you can guarantee you’ll get only the best materials.

Asphalt and tile are among the most common items purchased for roofing projects. These items are manufactured using concrete, oil, or clay.

Changes in other products can also add to these prices. For instance, the rising cost of oildirectly correlates to the increasing cost of roofing materials. Oil is used in the production of these materials. In addition, the cost of recycling or disposing of these items can also add to the costs.

Finding the Right Type of Insurance

If you want protection for your roof, you’ll need to find the right type of insurance. The right coverage can help you save exponentially, especially during a natural disaster such as a heavy snowstorm.

Contractors should not only possess the right kind of certificate, but they should be ready to work with your insurer to ensure you get full compensation. If you encounter any issues during construction, insurance can help you pay back the majority of the funds used.

Labor & Management 

To build a roof, you need a plan review to help design and construct your project. The cost of labor and management is also in high demand.

If you want a quality building, you’ll need to hire the best in the business. You get what you pay for, so hiring a roofing company in Boston, MA, that guarantees satisfaction will help your job meet quality standards.

Though entry-level workers are cheaper, high-quality jobs require a higher-level understanding of the process. But, prices will continue to increase as long as the demand is high. Depending on the type of job, you’ll want to avoid inexperienced workers.

Conclusion – The Right Roofing Contractor Near Me

Finding an experienced contractor offering high-quality services can be challenging. Thankfully, there are roofers in Boston, MA, prepared to help you find the best services for a reasonable price.

Contact a roofing contractor in Boston, MA, today to help you find the right roofing project for you and explain why are the roofs expensive in Greater Boston MASSACHUSETTS!

Is a Shingle Roof Cheaper Than a Metal Roof in Boston MA?


Roofers in Boston MA


Is a Shingle Roof Cheaper Than a Metal Roof in Boston MA?

Choosing what type of roof to put on your home is an important decision that could lead to success or disaster. Roofers in Boston, MA can protect what matters most for years to come through a new shingle or metal roof installation.But, which type of protection offers better support? Let’s discuss the differences between metal and shingle materials based on the three main factors that should be considered before installing your new system: durability, longevity, and cost-effectiveness.

Based on this information, you will be able to determine which material is best for your home when you call in roofers in Boston, MA.

Maximum Durability 

Shingles are a more common material used in roofing. However, these types of materials don’t offer peak durability.

In events, such as natural disasters, there is a chance your material can rip apart. So, while it offers protection, this common material is not proven to be the most dependable.

When it comes to metal, you’ll want to receive the right type of material. For instance, if you pick metal, such as Class 4 UL 2218, you’ll be guaranteed extreme durability.

A roofing contractor in Boston, MA can help you determine which roofing system can provide the best protection.


The top roofing contractor near Boston, MA can tell you that asphalt shingles are expected to last around 20 years. But, harsher weather patterns may truncate that time. You’ll want to keep up with your annual inspections to ensure the year’s weather hasn’t taken too much of a toll.

Conversely, a metal roofing contractor in Boston, MA will tell that a metal system may last upwards of 50 years. Overall, metal roofing systems can last two to three times longer, especially in harsh weather.


When it comes to the initial down payment, shingles are significantly less expensive. Shingles, compared to metal materials, can be quickly installed by less-experienced workers in a short amount of time, especially with standing seam systems.

Shingles require less time, skill, and labor for installation and replacement. A roofing company in Boston, MA can easily find skilled workers to help you install because the material is in higher demand.

But, metal can prove to be more cost-efficient in the long run. Because metal lasts longer, they do not require as many replacements. This means the cost of maintenance and replacements is far lower. This is especially true in Boston. With our higher amounts of snowfall, having metal on your house ensures the snow doesn’t build up and remains on your home as it does with asphalt. Say goodbyes to frequent roof repairs!

Finding the Right Roofing Contractor Near Boston, MA

Shingles and metal materials both have their different pros and cons depending on the type of project you encounter. Once you decide on your budget and understand your location, you can begin looking for a “roofing contractor near me”.

Find roofers in Boston, MA today to help you narrow down the right kind of roof for you!

What to do to maintain the Deck in Greater Boston MA

Deck building in Boston MA

What to do to maintain the Deck in Greater Boston MA

Decks typically don’t have a long lifespan in Massachusetts. When they hit 20 years, they might already be considered old. The lifespan of a deck can depend on how they were built and the materials used to build them. If you’re still in the building phase it’s  important that you take longevity into account. You can choose, for example, pressure-treated lumber that can resist rot and damage for a long time.

You can also take some protective measures, such as using sealants, wood preservatives, waterproofing materials, and even metal sheeting to protect the deck framing against damage.

Regular checkups are also necessary in Boston area. Through them, you’ll be able to catch certain problems and issues and remedy them before they get worse. These checkups are especially helpful in preventing structural damage.

Decks Porch building in Boston MA can be costly to build and maintain, which is why it’s important to make sure that you can handle the commitment before you build one. However, the enjoyment and other benefits you get out of a well-built and well-maintained deck will likely be worth it.